Kick-off Event “Stories for Europe” – Harvesting Part 2: Movie clip

05. Okt 2017 in NARRATA erzählt

The kick-off of the initiative „Stories for Europe“ is laying back 2 weeks and so the harvest of all the thoughts, changes of perspectives and collected stories is growing.

One more piece contributing to the whole picture is this movie clip I edited with the idea to give an impression of the atmosphere, the people, and some of the questions we looked at.

And I want to introduce three persons who joined me in a session called „Time Travel“, where we searched for stories of Europe in the Past, the Present and the Future. During the following weeks we will show Stephie’s, Joanna’s and Annett’s story in full length.

Have also a look at Harvest Part 1 and of course at the very well done blogposts at

Join the conversation!
We will continue with the initivative „Stories for Europe“ in 2018 and would be glad to listen to your stories and to share our stories with you.
Christine Erlach

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