Watch our Talk in Groningen about Storytelling and Learning Histories on YouTube!

15. Dez 2017 in Aktuelles

We are very happy that our presentation on the international conference “Learning Histories for Sustainable Societies” is now ready to watch on Youtube!

On 19-20 January 2017 the conference Learning Histories for Sustainable Societies was organised in Groningen, the Netherlands. Attended by 100 participants, this was the first international conference on this subject since 1996 when the learning histories method was developed at Boston M.I.T. Among the speakers were the founders of the learning histories, Hilary Bradbury, Art Kleiner, George Roth, as well as practitioners from all over the world.

NARRATA Consult gave a talk about the practical use of learning histories and storytelling in organisations: „(Hi)story telling in practice: How to work with narratives in knowledge management and cultural change in organizations”.

Please enjoy our talk and the very lively discussion with the participants afterwards:

On this YouTube-Channel you will find a lot of other very interesting talks and discussions from the conference about learning histories.

All the best from the NARRATA Team,
Karin Thier & Christine Erlach

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